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Name Title Guild
Actavis Bodeine brazy TFI
Bellamai - BUD
Bino - ASS
Blingqueen Mother Leader BQA
Chantie Weeping Heart BUD
Choot - EFN
Clarryiscool -
Corduene The Babe AAA
Crinkle - MM
Cygan - ORC
Despina -
Endeavor -
Ephix The Vanquisher BUD
Epicfacee -
Fireburnz - AAA
Fricklefudge Ice Cream Cake FV
Greenboy The Relentless AAA
Hope Desire
Itzshock - BUD
Jokerplayer -
Kaizer -
Katrinakatee - SXC
Keezer The Devil in I AAA
Ladd - TOO
Lion King
Lone Dirt. BUD
Mherl -
Nukuj Westside TFI
Packets -
Panddda - INT
Pawl Under The Influence TFI
Rokua Shinigami AAA
Talpha - BUD
Trudy See You There TOO