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Name Title Guild
Cillar Giggles =] FV
Crinkle - MM
Despina -
Frankie - RGB
Gallowz Not Even Close ROG
Gnathorn Epic Lord Gnathorn AAA
Gwortes -
Higgsboson Smarticle Particles NF
Jeffy The alcoholic. MM
Jigga - TOO
Jiren Highdrated PB
Kordasm - KMC
Lullabies - TOO
Modernsavage Kiss Of Death BUD
Mouraniz -
Panddda - INT
Rcadia - TEM
Rokua Shinigami AAA
Roth - PS
Rothmans Why So Serious? PS
Ruler - TOO
Smoke The High Life BUD
Vapegod Sex Instructor ;3
Zanpakutox - KMC