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Inactive Account Cleanup

Some time in 2017, all accounts that have never logged in to this server (i.e. since August 2015) will be deleted. This is 37,951 accounts and 44,969 characters.

A list of character names that are up for deletion can be seen here: Inactive Character List. Names will remain on this list even after they are saved by a recovery request.

Recovery has been unavailable for these accounts for a while, but has been re-enabled temporarily. Use the locked account recovery system with your inactive account's username/password to re-activate it (note that trying to log in to inactive accounts will show "invalid user/pass", not "account is banned"). The account will not be unlocked unless it can be proven that it's your account beyond just knowing the password.


[1 JAN] Happy new year! Highscores for # of christmas scrolls used will be coming along with a new website soon.
[22 DEC] Inactive account cleanup news on - Last chance to recover old inactive accounts!
[21 DEC] Ninja dress is now available from the Anundo Leader, or by converting a Last Samurai for 40,000 gold.
[20 DEC] The Christmas Doll is visiting Aeven for people to visit Snowy Christmas Fun Land for the rest of the month!
[3 NOV] The spookers have left until next year. 2:1 trade-in of spookers/melters available at the witch.
[26 OCT] It's time to get spooky! Hourly Halloween event in Aeven running until the 3rd of November.
[1 JAN] Happy new year!
[13 DEC] Christmas quest is here! Talk to the Christmas Doll in the center of Aeven.