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[26 JAN 20] Beta testing a new client installer: EO 28e Setup / EO 28e Zipped
[9 FEB 19] Weddings
[22 DEC 19] Christmas again
[11 AUG 19] Inactive accounts and their characters are deleted
[10 AUG 19] Account recovery service is discontinued. Character names will be freed in the next 24 hours.
[21 DEC 18] Murder dolls recieve hairdyes enjoy christmas
[19 OCT 18] Its Spooktober again and Aeven is spooky to celebrate another year of nothing
[31 OCT 18] The current Halloween event will run until the end of the 1st of November.
[1 JAN 18] Happy new year! Highscores for # of christmas scrolls used will be coming along with a new website soon.